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Solved: the auto virus removal!

Solved: Taskbar now on right side of screen

Solved: The xp window twisted

Solved: Task bar moved

Solved: text under icon on XP desktop

Solved: Textbox Number Range

Solved: teen and unwanted web sites Valis sent me

Solved: Temporary File Remover for Windows 7

Solved: The virus that won't die

Solved: Things Running On Startup

Solved: there's a rat in my computer

Solved: ThinkPad boot from battery only boots to hibernate mode

Solved: These keep on popping up.

Solved: System language

Solved: Think there is some Infection on PC

Solved: Thomson Reuters Endnote not recognizing Microsoft Word

Solved: thumbnail problem

Solved: Thumb drive software begone

Solved: Text and Icons Became Smaller - Please Help

Solved: The Sims - Can I bring a dead Sim back to life?

Solved: tojans

Solved: things being saved

Solved: Think I got infected

Solved: This won't delete

Solved: too many programs at start up

Solved: too much adware - cant clean PC - HELP

Solved: Toolbars Disappear

Solved: Tool bar leech

Solved: Totally remove IE "Favorites" - how?

Solved: Those sneaky Trojans.

Solved: to many junk files

Solved: transfer game image.

Solved: Transfer – Computer to Computer

Solved: Toshiba L645 Windows 7 Can Not Recover

Solved: Toshiba Satellite Laptop - Win 8 o/s and no password

Solved: Transfering Songs to Itunes?

Solved: Transfering files to a Vista computer

Solved: transfer email photos to wind. pht. gall.

Solved: Transfering graphics to computer

Solved: Think I have a new problem!

Solved: Translating PDF files ?

Solved: TRENDNet Wireless - Best 'channels' to use?

Solved: Transfer iPod Touch 2g files onto New PC?

Solved: transferring bookmark folders

Solved: Tried everthing and still cant get rid of Trojan

Solved: transfer of contacts/bookmarks to different computer

Solved: Transferring music to iTunes program.

Solved: Transferring pictures from Easy Share to desktop

Solved: Transferring Songs from Laptop to Desktop Computer

Solved: Transferring stuff to a new computer

Solved: trojan attack please help

Solved: Trojan attack

Solved: tried to clean it myself have not a virus

Solved: trojan clean up

Solved: transferring email folders to new laptop

Solved: Trojan affecting everything

Solved: Tracert command disconnects modem

Solved: Tricky Excel formula needed

Solved: trojan on a friend's computer. PLEASE help. hijackthis.

Solved: Trojan w/ WinAntiVirus 2007 pop ups.Slow PC

Solved: Trojan in da house dlh9jkd1q7.exe PLEASE HELP

Solved: Trojan infected

Solved: Trojan And Adware Problem

Solved: Trojan Lop.DN is doing something to my DLLs

Solved: Trojan Problems

Solved: Tracking Cookies & Trojans Won't Delete

Solved: Trojan Horse removal Help Required

Solved: Trojan Horse Issue

Solved: transfer photos off computer to xd picture card in digital camera

Solved: Trojan Issue! Please help!

Solved: Transferring Incoming mail in OE to Yahoo Account

Solved: trimming .mp3 files on the PC

Solved: Transfere XP files to UBUNTU.

Solved: Transfer to laptop

Solved: Transfer between computers

Solved: Trojan Horse that won't go away

Solved: trojan horse ace-x

Solved: Trojan horse virus won't remove (hjt included)

Solved: Trojan Horse will not go away

Solved: Trojan Horse .dll files taking HD space

Solved: Trojan.downloader problem. Please help with HJT log review!

Solved: Transfering desktop/files from Admin to user profile

Solved: Transfering pictures on camera phone to computer

Solved: trial softwares

Solved: Transfering files to new computer

Solved: Trojan Advice

Solved: Trojan Ad-ware help needed

Solved: Trojan Downloader Ruin removal problem - HJT log posted

Solved: TROJAN! Please Help Me!

Solved: Trojans

Solved: Trojan? Malware? Help

Solved: Trojans.again :(

Solved: Trouble Typing

Solved: Trouble removing "my docs" icon from desktop

Solved: Trouble Connecting to Wifi

Solved: trouble connecting to my secure wireless network

Solved: trojan/adware

Solved: Trouble connecting to a wireless network

Solved: Trojans got me Infected =(

Solved: Trojan/Spyware on friends PC

Solved: Trying to decode the web IP of my Partner (same lan)

Solved: Trouble taking my laptop out of hibernation

Solved: Truly Running Out of Ideas

Solved: Trouble connecting to wireless network

Solved: Tried EVERYTHING! Please help me rid spyware.

Solved: Trojan horse problem

Solved: trojans running my life

Solved: Trying to set up a DVR on home network

Solved: Trouble getting rid of Spyware.Iwantsearch NAV 2004

Solved: Trouble Installing XP

Solved: Tryied to clean out viruses

Solved: Trying to get rid of Security pop-up

Solved: Trying to get rid of spyware

Solved: Trying to write an Excel 2000 'toggle' macro

Solved: Trying to get rid of spyware and adware!

Solved: Trying to prevent programs from automatically adding themselves to startup

Solved: Trouble emailing zip file

Solved: Trying to fix mom's PC

Solved: Turn off or Hibernate?

Solved: turn PC into bluetooth enabled PC

Solved: Trying to restore old Dell computer

Solved: Trouble -can't get rid of virus/i

Solved: Turning negative numbers to red font in an Excel spreadsheet

Solved: TV for my computer

Solved: TSG email spoofed?

Solved: Trying to download a trial version of photoshop.

Solved: Turn on computer

Solved: trouble with modem card

Solved: TRYING to use 2hard drives

Solved: Turning modem sound off

Solved: Two copies of Windows XP on the same partition

Solved: Trojans Found a New Home In My Computer! Please Help!

Solved: Two Add & Remove Icons

Solved: Turning a usb receiver into a usb drive?

Solved: tv not sizing

Solved: Two Routers Cascading

Solved: Two OS on one drive.

Solved: Two Windows XP Installations on One Partitioned HDD

Solved: tune up check discs at startup.

Solved: Uknown Spyware or Malware

Solved: typing words have no space

Solved: Two OS.Need one taken off.

Solved: Ulitmate Cleaner

Solved: Trojans keep re-installing themselves

Solved: Two network IDs from my router

Solved: two different windows O/S in partitions

Solved: Two winxp operating systems

Solved: Two Os

Solved: Ugh. Movieland. think I got it. Log posted

Solved: ultimate cleaner and ultimate defender keep popping out

Solved: ubpr01.exe trojan infection?

Solved: Ultimate Cleaner

Solved: Unable to Boot

Solved: Unable to Add Email account in Outlook 2003

Solved: Two Tosh 4600's - how to swap CD/DVD drives?

Solved: unable to delete files in DVD RW

Solved: Two-router conflict

Solved: Unable to get rid of adware

Solved: Two XP Operating Systems

Solved: Unable to get rid of Spyware

Solved: Two extended monitors plus a TV

Solved: Unable to unblock incoming connections

Solved: Two versions of XP trying to boot at same time

Solved: undo changes in msconfig

Solved: Uninstall antivirus using a batch file?

Solved: Unblock websites. . .

Solved: Undeletable folders with weird names containing deleted things

Solved: Uninstall Old Modem & Routers Before Installing New One?

Solved: Uninstall divx web player

Solved: uninstalling preinstalled Norton antivirus

Solved: Unable to setup Windows XP

Solved: Unable to disable McAfee firewall

Solved: Underclocking help.

Solved: Uninstalling ICQ Search from Mozilla Firefox

Solved: Unknown partition found on C: drive

Solved: uninstall Window Live Messanger

Solved: Unformatting a Flash drive?

Solved: Unable to boot to windows

Solved: Uninstall a Program

Solved: Uninstalling old printer/scanner software.

Solved: Unable to install xp pro.

Solved: unwanted ads

Solved: Unwanted ads popping up

Solved: Unwanted Advertisements

Solved: Unknown programs using most of my bandwidth

Solved: unwanted banner

Solved: Unwanted Chkdsk on booting

Solved: Uncompressing Email Folders

Solved: Unwanted on pc

Solved: Unwanted web pages and pop-ups

Solved: Unwanted start up problem

Solved: unusally low video performance

Solved: Unwanted Home Page.

Solved: Unwanted Windows Alert (forgein language 1DD***.tmp)

Solved: uninstall on partitioned drive

Solved: Unknown Desktop "Icon"

Solved: Unwanted. Web Page as desktop b/g!

Solved: Unaligned Printing

Solved: Uninstalling Windows 7 OS previous version

Solved: Unwanted wireless users on my home network

Solved: Unwanted Popups etc

Solved: Up to date spyware tools?

Solved: Unsolicited bookmark bar has appeared

Solved: Uninstalling unused software = undesired results

Solved: Unzipping Program

Solved: USB 12Volt! burned my cellphone and USB memory!

Solved: Unwanted Virtual drive

Solved: Unwanted site Popups

Solved: Unwanted pop-ups and tray icons

Solved: unwanted pop-ups & virus

Solved: Unwanted popups & websites

Solved: Unwanted 'guests' on my network

Solved: unwanted software/adware added to my pc!

Solved: USB Drive password

Solved: URGENT my google searches are redirected

Solved: USB Tablet Problems

Solved: Use files simultaneously in Word & Excel

Solved: Uploading YouTube videos

Solved: USB Drive corrupted after chkdsk?

Solved: URL blocked in browser

Solved: UPS Virus(?)

Solved: use xp and ubuntu same time?

Solved: USB External HD Puzzle

Solved: USBs dead forever?

Solved: Using Excel Add-Ins

Solved: using external speakers with laptop

Solved: USB Wifi only as a parental/self control tool

Solved: Using PC to Talk With Other People:

Solved: Using Firefox to send website links via hotmail

Solved: USB Stick Partition Table Problem

Solved: Using Excel 07 to Send Emails When Date in Column = Today's Date

Solved: Various Spyware causing problems ([emailprotected]

Solved: User Shared Files

Solved: Using SkyDrive Explorer for online backup

Solved: Varying Commission (excel)

Solved: Using someone's internet connection?

Solved: Utilising 2 Computers in Tandem

Solved: Very unussual WiFi problem

Solved: Using Sata Ide hard drives togher a few questions

Solved: Video BIOS error- solver by removing RAM? HELP!

Solved: VCR/DVD set-up advice?

Solved: Video Card low on RAM problem

Solved: Video attachment sent too big to be received!

Solved: Video and Sound Breaking-UP Again

Solved: Video Sharing For Large File

Solved: View Windows Firewall Deny

Solved: Video Controller LAG

Solved: Video Card Tweaks

Solved: very frustrated and about to format c: please help

Solved: Video Download

Solved: Usenet-how to post to it?

Solved: Video card BIOS

Solved: virus can`t be cleaned!

Solved: Virtumonde Pop-ups

Solved: Valve Hammer - Cs:S Maps

Solved: Virtual disk volume reappears after i delete the drivers ?

Solved: virus found using KASPERSKY ON-LINE SCANNER

Solved: Video Capture's sound sucks.

Solved: virus scan not getting rid of malware

Solved: virus found in virus check and can't remove it

Solved: Video Streaming Problem

Solved: virus about pop ups

Solved: Virus & Spyware on PC

Solved: virus/adware problem

Solved: Virus deleted

Solved: Virus/Adware/Trojans Can't remove

Solved: Virtumonde and annoying pop-ups affecting my computer

Solved: Virus Heat antispyware crapola

Solved: Virus/Malware corrupting Antivirus Software

Solved: Virus/Spyware removal help needed.please help

Solved: Virus problems

Solved: Video Upload from Camcorder

Solved: Virus moves files around

Solved: Video card underclocked?

Solved: Virus found (mp_sys.exe) removal help

Solved: Virus keeps popping up in scan and I cannot delete it

Solved: Virus found. Clean Fail

Solved: Virus keeps popping up

Solved: Virus/Malware Trouble

Solved: Virus - pictures - please help!

Solved: Viruses and Spywares : Help Please!

Solved: Virus Attack On My Computer! Pls Help!

Solved: Vista Desktop Shortcut

Solved: Video starts to buffer then stops

Solved: Vista Add/Remove

Solved: Virus/spyware problem-Need some help

Solved: Virus removed now probs with RAM

Solved: Viruses Everywhere.

Solved: Vista Infected with Malware - Clean?

Solved: Vista repair after virus attack

Solved: Vista spends ages scanning optical discs

Solved: VIRUT virus eat my PC!

Solved: VISTA wireless connection to internet is unreliable

Solved: Vista fonts changed and screen not fitting

Solved: Vista freezes after installing wireless driver

Solved: vista and word doc margins

Solved: VIRUS HELP! How to remove these? ×ÊÔ´¹ÜÀíÆ÷(&X)?

Solved: Vista CDRW problem

Solved: Vista/XP pritner sharing issues

Solved: VIRUS; HELP! My desktop is blue with a "spyware infection" warning-like back

Solved: viruses & spyware need removal

Solved: voltage values

Solved: Viewing a device on my LAN

Solved: Virtual PC won't recognize newly increased physical RAM.

Solved: VPN Equipment for Branch Loaction

Solved: Want to change the DVD/CD drive on my laptop Dell Inspiron E1405

Solved: VMware connection

Solved: Want to convert to FAT32

Solved: Want to switch C drive to a new larger drive

Solved: Wallpaper Hijack Malware infection

Solved: Watching movies from PC to TV

Solved: Want To Fully Clean My Comp!

Solved: Want to REMOVE Messenger

Solved: Want to stop receiving a large email in Outlook Express

Solved: Way past sluggish- now it runs sloth-like.

Solved: watching tv and movies online

Solved: Watching movies from my PC on my TV

Solved: Wake from hibernate causes shutdown

Solved: Web Cam Access

Solved: VRML problem involving ActiveX

Solved: Web Cam Problem with Clean Install of Vista

Solved: Want to change e-mail adress - spam.

Solved: webcam driver disables internet connection.

Solved: want to upgrade memory but problem

Solved: Webcam pictures?

Solved: Vundo and then some.plz help.

Solved: Weird warning from Spybot on computer startup

Solved: Watching DVD Movies on Computer

Solved: Watching Sky+ recordings on laptop

Solved: What are Sticky Keys?

Solved: What can i do lots of junk found.

Solved: Want to remove this pop-up.

Solved: Webtv messenger?

Solved: What do I need in a video card?

Solved: What file can I download off a Crashed XP computer to get a machine name?

Solved: What does this mean. I need help please

Solved: What is D:/ drive for?

Solved: What Motherboard have I got

Solved: What program to run to see if I have any viruses

Solved: What program would you use to detect a hidden StartUp-program?

Solved: What is this item in my Network Infrastructure?

Solved: What type of video card ?

Solved: What is my paypal account ?

Solved: What the heck is a partition for anyway?

Solved: What To Delete? (New Laptop)

Solved: What HDD interface in my laptop?

Solved: Websearch Search Engine

Solved: What processor do i have?

Solved: virus scanner catching tsitra72 and other stuff

Solved: what media (type of discs) should i use 2 create back-ups?

Solved: What blank CD-R's to get :)

Solved: What RAM does my pc take?

Solved: Where do I put the video card?

Solved: What RAM ?

Solved: What memory module do I need

Solved: Where do i turn off the Download Accelerator?

Solved: Where did my cd tasks go

Solved: When should a drive be converted to NTFS?

Solved: Where's Run

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